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System Designers and Developers

Version: PA1

General profile description 

In this context, the responsibility of System Designers and Developers is to design and construct Information Technology Systems that meet internal and/or external requirements, and need to communicate with Product Owners. 

A System Designer needs to devise a solution architecture, and set the development standards for the solution, while a developer is mainly involved in the actual construction. They also need to understand and support life-cycle aspects such as deployment and operations. We consider the responsibilities of a System Designer to be a superset of a Developer. Both profiles need to be present, and they can be represented by the same people. 

For brevity, we only use the term System Designer from here on.

This description only covers the additional responsibilities and considerations that are related to sustainability. 

System designers need to take a holistic responsibility for the solutions they construct. This includes:

  • Ethics
  • Sustainability

This requires Critical Thinking, and a will to challenge the Product Owners if the solution supports unethical or non-sustainable business processes. 

Systems Designers need to understand how to implement the requirements – as described in <<Sustainable Requirement Management>>

This requires knowledge of how to construct systems that are

  • Maintainable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Secure
  • Support Privacy
  • Provide Universal Accessibility 

Core and Strengthening Knowledge



Version log

PA128.4.2022Simen Sommerfeldt
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